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Two Australian kayakers unable to circumnavigate Sri Lanka due to severe weather

Severe weather frustrated two Australian kayakers’ plans to circumnavigate Sri Lanka. Ian Pexton and David Rowlands began their expedition on 13 December 2013.

The history of Sri Lanka begins around 30,000 years ago. Some mentions of the country are found in the texts of Gautama Buddha's teachings.
The history of Sri Lanka begins around 30,000 years ago. Some mentions of the country are found in the texts of Gautama Buddha's teachings.
Somehow Sri Lanka popped into my's for adventure, physical and mental challenge

They intended to complete the 1200-kilometre (about 850-miles) voyage in 23 days.

However, they experienced rough seas around 6 January 2014, according to Australia Network News.

“Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Centre reported rough seas have scuttled a bid by two Australian kayakers to circumnavigate Sri Lanka.”

“The two men, according to Shivali Nayak, got into trouble and were helped by local military personal.”

There was no immediate comment from either Pexton or Rowlands, according to Nayak.

Nayak posted an update on 24 January 2014. “Both men returned to Australia after unsuccessful attempt to circumnavigate Sri Lanka due to bad weather.”

Rowlands and Pexton became a human-interest story followed by several thousand individuals. Several interesting facts emerged after their return.

First, Mr. Pexton attempted to quell rumors about a military recuse. “There was definitely no rescued or no trouble,” according to him.

“It was a simple matter of us coming off the beach, realizing the weather had turned unfavorable for us so we decided to get ourselves out of there and end the expedition.”

Rowlands and Pexton are experienced kayakers. Mr. Rowlands paddled rivers of north Wales and the ocean of southern Australia for over 20 years. He is an experienced camper and hiker in the English highlands, the Alps and Australian bush.

Ian Pexton was a sea kayak instructor for over 15 years. He conducted kayak expeditions in several countries including Alaska, France and Norway.

Both men insist they were prepared for their Sri Lankan adventure. It was the weather conditions and not lack of preparation or experience that prevented them from accomplishing their goal.

Mr. Pexton maintains that he went to Sri Lanka for the adventure and for the physical and mental challenge. However, the two men also went in an effort to support two worthwhile causes. One is the called the Black Dog Institute. The other is the Borderlands/Edge: Sri Lanka & Napal

The Black Dog Institute “Is a world leader in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Borderlands offer a variety of water sports and paddling adventure activities. These include deep-sea fishing, whale watching, canoeing and kayaking. They also have a youth leadership program.

Mr. Pexton and Mr. Rowlands did not circumnavigate the island of Sri Lanka. At least this time they did not. However, this is only January.

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