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Two arrested during marijuana round up Tuesday

Polk County marijuana round up Tuesday
Polk County marijuana round up Tuesday

Sheriff Johnny Moats announced a very busy and successful marijuana round up operation on Tuesday.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office along with the following agencies joined forces in a joint effort to rid Polk County of marijuana grow farms; The Georgia Governors Task Force, Polk County Drug Task Force, a Department of Natural Resources Officer and several Polk County Sheriff's Deputies worked together for long hours spotting and pulling over 2,300 marijuana plants from multiple different locations in Polk County.

Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats stated that the estimated street value of just one mature marijuana plant ranges anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

Two Cedartown men were arrested during the operation.

James Clyde Cawood Jr., age 24 and Ricky David Lee, age 54, both of 325 Akes Station Road were both charged with felony possession of marijuana, felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and felony manufacturing marijuana.

Lee was released on 6/18 after posting property bonds totaling $6,100. Cawood remains in custody with no bond set at the time of this publication.

Meanwhile, Keith Whitney of WXIA says many Georgians say they are forced to seek medical marijuana outside of the state of Georgia.

In an article published earlier this month, Whitney tells of Corey Lowe and her daughter, Victoria, who are going to Colorado on a journey of hope. Victoria suffers from seizures that threaten her life.

"She will normally stop breathing for anywhere for two to three minutes," Lowe said. "She loses consciousness; she just goes out. Her lips turn blue."

In order to get the medical marijuana that may help her, they're going to have to leave the rest of the family behind. They can't afford to move, but they can't afford to stay even more.

Victoria will become the latest medical marijuana refuge to leave Georgia to get the cannabis oil that many thought would be legal here by now. But when House Bill 885 derailed on the final days of the Legislative session, families like Lowe's were devastated.

State Rep. Allen Peake led the effort to legalize medical marijuana in the state. He's also leading the effort temporarily relocate families in need. It costs a lot of money, but not raising could cost lives.

The Journey of Hope Fund has been established to help with moving and living expenses for families who want to travel to another state to obtain cannabis oil for their children. Access to the fund will be limited to children with seizure disorders, and will only be granted to Georgia families. As long as funds are available, we will provide transportation, and up to 6 months of rent. Resources are allocated based on financial and medical need.

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