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Two abandoned puppies found freezing inside backpack in Lancaster, PA

Breeze and Lucky were found freezing inside this backpack on South Duke Street.
Breeze and Lucky were found freezing inside this backpack on South Duke Street.

Two puppies are lucky to be alive after being left on the street during this extremely cold weather.

These two puppies were found freezing in backpack on South Duke Street.

On Wednesday, January 8, they were discovered freezing inside a blue backpack by a good samaritan who heard their cries along South Duke Street around 10 a. m. He brought them to nearby Lancaster County SPCA, and although they are closed on Wednesdays, they immediately let them in.

The 2-month-old male and female Chihuahua mixes have been dubbed, Lucky and Breeze. Breeze, who was on the bottom of the backpack had ice on her. The shelter staff believes they were left out in the cold for several hours.

“They came in very lethargic, very shivering, extremely cold. So our staff did everything to warm them up. Gave them some food, got them comfortable, and then we transported them over to the vet hospital to check them out.” ~ Jennifer Nields, Lancaster County SPCA operations manager.

The veterinarian determined they are fine, and they are in the care of the Lancaster County SPCA. They will not be available for adoption until the police investigation is completed. The officer did state that something was found inside the backpack that may help lead them to the culprit.

Lancaster Police will be searching for the person responsible for this cruel, heartless act. That person could face animal cruelty and abandonment charges. Punishment includes fines and possible jail time. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lancaster County SPCA at (717) 917-6979.

Thank you to their rescuer who chose to remain anonymous, and to the Lancaster County SPCA for helping them.


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