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Twittering for profits strategies

Twitter Profit Strategies
Twitter Profit Strategies

Twitter asks one question, “What are you doing?” The trick is to make it relevant to your business, and interesting. Here are some profit strategies for twitter.

Strategy #1 Generating Anticipation - Build Up To the Launch Event

Twitter is a great way to help create anticipation. Post sneak peeks, samples, and links to content promoting the product before it is launched. Part of a successful launch is the anticipation of the new product.

Strategy #2 Offer Special Incentives

Consider making a special offer to your Twitter followers. For example, if you’re releasing a new service you can give your Twitter follower 10% off if they send you a direct message or a reply with the word #yourbusinessname in the message. Not only do you generate more awareness for your offer you’ll also generate sales for that new service and ultimately profits.

You can limit the offer to add scarcity to it as well. For example, limit the promotion to the first 100 who reply or retweet.

Strategy #3 Grow Your Opt-In List

Use Twitter to build your opt in list before you launch a new product or service. You can accomplish this by offering a free giveaway and teasing it on Twitter with a link to the opt-in page. You can also publish a blog post or article with a call to action in the article that sends readers to an opt-in page. Tease and link to the content on Twitter and watch your list grow.

Strategy #4 Publish Content

There’s a strategy many internet marketers use. It involves publishing content that offers part of a solution to a problem and includes a call to action that leads to a complete solution. The call to action is subtle and not aggressive. Merely a “Visit LINK to learn more about…” type of link.

The link then leads to a sales page for a product or service. You can use Twitter to promote the content and drive traffic to that content and thus ultimately to your sales page.

Strategy #5 Partnerships

Twitter is a great tool for identifying potential partnerships. You will find when you’re interacting that you connect well with some people. If they work in a complimentary business, consider approaching them with a partnership offer. Likewise as you establish credibility and attract attention on Twitter, expect that others will contact you with potential partnerships and opportunities.

We’ve just covered several effective and actually quite straightforward ways to use Twitter to drive both traffic and profits. That being said, you’re a busy entrepreneur. You want to make the most of your time, money and energy. You want to optimize your Twitter efforts for the most traffic and profits possible. That’s what my next articles will cover. Book mark this page and come back!

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