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Twitter war: Ashton Kutcher makes one point Sheen can't refute

Ashton Kutcher makes a cool-handed attempt to end the back-and-forth Twitter war with Charlie Sheen by subtly reminding him that what matters is who is on "Two and a Half Men" now. According to a Feb. 8 article on, Kutcher posted a photo of himself standing next to a sign bearing the title of the show. Beside the photo he tweeted:

Ashton Kutcher reminds Charlie Sheen who is on 'Two and a Half Men.'
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"See you all tonight CBS. #stfu"

You can view that photo here.

Charlie Sheen had already threatened to put Kutcher on a "hospital food diet" for telling Sheen to "shut the f*** up," the meaning of the hashtag #stfu, on "Jimmy Kimmel." It is yet to be seen how he will respond to this subtle but powerful tweet from Kutcher.

Sheen has been a critic of his replacement on "Two and Half Men," and, after three years, Ashton Kutcher thinks its been long enough. Of course, Sheen has never been known as one who knows when to draw the line.

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