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Twitter users think United States 2014 years old on Independence Day

Twitter users believe U.S. 2014 years old on Independence Day
Twitter users believe U.S. 2014 years old on Independence Day
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Call it the result of America's failing education system. On Friday, Twitchy posted a number of tweets issued by people who honestly believe the United States is 2014 years old on Independence Day.

"Happy birthday, America!!! It's crazy that you're 2014 years old!" one person exclaimed.

"Hard to believe America is 2014 years old," another person added.

"Well done to America for making it to 2014 years old. Happy Birthday," added Twitter user "Obi Juan."

Twitchy posted 20 tweets from individuals who think the country is 2014 years old. At first, we had a difficult time believing there were people who actually thought this, so we performed a search on Twitter. Sure enough, we found a number of people who apparently believe the country really is over two thousand years old.

"Wow can't believe the US is 2014 years old today," said "David Brown."

"The US is 2014 years old today right?" asked "Sage."

"It's crazy to think the US is 2014 years old wow (sic)," added "Michael Spear."

We also found at least one person who thought the year was somehow tied to the age of the United States.

"If the US is only 238 years old how come it's 2014?" one person asked.

We also found -- fortunately -- a number of people ready to correct those who mistakenly believe the country is 2014 years old.

"Wow. It's amazing that so many #dummies believe the world... or even the US will be 2014 years old," one person said.

"Do people actually think that the US is 2014 years old? Stupidity doesn't have a limit does it?" another person asked.

"Do people actually think the US is 2014 years old??? I'm going to die from people's stupidity," tweeted "iAm_erica."

It's impossible to know if all of these individuals are students in schools that use Common Core standards, but it's clear they are the result of an education system that is not doing its job. Nor is it the first time we have reported how woefully ignorant some are about America's founding.

A 2011 Marist poll showed that more than a quarter of Americans do not know the original colonies separated from Great Britain. Moreover, six percent of those questioned thought the colonies separated from another country.

"That begs the question," Marist asked. “'From where do the latter think the U.S. achieved its independence?' Among the countries mentioned are France, China, Japan, Mexico, and Spain."

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