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Twitter user thinks she met Dwight Howard, Rockets center sets her straight

Houston Rockets' center Dwight Howard is known for his impersonations, and a video is even circulating of him mocking Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal quite nicely. Well, it appears as if someone doesn't mind impersonating him as well. Fansided reported on Feb. 11, 2014, that some girls on Twitter thought they had met the NBA star, but he set them straight.

Dwight Howard wasn't letting anyone pretend to be him.

Three girls were recently really happy to have met Howard while out shopping. They had no idea who he was so he told them to look him up online and they did. So, they took the chance to take pics with the big center of the Houston Rockets.

The pics were posted on Twitter with the caption of:

"My sisters and I with NBA Superstar @DwightHoward!!! He was really nice, cool, HUMBLE, and had us laughing too!!!"

A number of other Twitter users let her know that the person they took pics with wasn't Dwight Howard, but she continually insisted that it was.

Finally, she was corrected by Dwight Howard himself on Instagram as he said:

"that's not me sweetie dude lied to y'all I just played a game."

The Twitter user and her sisters may not have gotten to take a picture with Dwight Howard, but at least she got a personal response from him online.

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