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Twitter stock dropped very low first quarter

Twitter Image
Twitter Image

It seems there has been some trouble with the Twitter stock at end of day because it fell 12% according to Wall Street. There also has been issues stated regarding the reason why there has been this large first quarter drop taking place with investors taking place and many have stated it is happening due to the fact Twitter is not the social media that can become the next Facebook. That piece of information is quite true considering Facebook is not just a social media considering what all is included upon the environment.

Let us compare the two briefly for a moment. When logging into Facebook a user has the option to either read through RSS newsfeed or play games. When logging onto Twitter a user sees the RSS feed of the contact list constantly being updated and can provide updates, perform searches on news and has the ability to add new contacts onto their list. Twitter is one of the top social media chat programs because of the user capability and it allows hash tags. Even though Facebook seems to permit hashtags there has yet to be any sign the use of hashtags on Facebook is working correctly.

All in all, Twitter is the real deal for social media and even though there has been a drop in the first quarter, there is strong belief the company will find a way for a strong rebound in Q2 to regain what was lost.