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Twitter-sized Oscar Predictions for 2011

Jesse Eisenberg stars as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network."
Jesse Eisenberg stars as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network."

Since this is the year that Facebook ruled Hollywood, it seems appropriate to let Twitter influence my 2011 Oscar Predictions. After all, a biopic about the founders of Twitter can't be far behind, right?

Here it goes, 140 characters (or less) at a time.

Writing, Original Screenplay: "Inception" won the WGA, but "King's Speech" has more momentum overall and will probably eek out a win.

Writing, Adapted Screenplay: "The Social Network" won this award the minute Aaron Sorkin agreed to write the script.

Visual Effects: "Inception" vs. "Alice in Wonderland." Ultimately I'm more impressed by Christopher Nolan's dream world than Tim Burton's.

Sound Mixing: An interesting competition between aural dreamscapes, Silicon Valley, and the Wild West. My money's on "Inception."

Sound Editing: "Inception" may be doomed to clean up in technical awards but fall short in the "creative" categories.

Short Film, Live Action: "God of Love." Because my guess is as good as yours, but "The Confession" is probably favored.

Short Film, Animated: Although I loved "The Gruffalo," I think Pixar's animation awards reign will continue for "Day & Night."

Music, Original Song: "If I Rise" by A.R. Rahman on "127 Hours." If only because I think Rahman would destroy Randy Newman in a fistfight.

Music, Original Score: Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor, who made the mood created by Fincher and Sorkin tangible in the "The Social Network."

Makeup: "Barney's Version." Although this could go to "The Way Back." Along as "The Wolfman" never has "Oscar Winner" on its DVD case.

Foreign Language Film: "Dogtooth," the wrenching, numbing and heartbreakingly poignant film about a brainwashed family will be tough to top.

Film Editing: Andrew Weisblum for "Black Swan." The dark atmosphere of this film were the perfect backdrop for its beauty and brilliance.

Documentary Short Subject: "The Warriors of Qiugang." Coolest title in the category. Why not?

Documentary Feature: "Inside Job" won both DGA and WGA awards, and I doubt it'll get upstaged tonight, but Banksy is capable of anything.

Directing: Tom Hooper for "The King's Speech." The Oscars won't copy the Globes exactly, and the DGA recipient is a worthy recipient.

Costume Design: "Alice in Wonderland" has the benefit of Lewis Carroll's vivid imagination, and the outfits weren't among the film's faults.

Cinematography: "Inception." Mind-bending fight scenes, philosophical discussions, and passionate emotional drama, all filmed beautifully.

Art Direction: "The King's Speech," because of a few key scenes, especially the walk in the fog where royalty rejects the common man.

Animated Feature Film: "Toy Story 3." Easiest choice of the night.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Melissa Leo for "The Fighter." Because being Christian Bale's mom can't be easy.

Actress in a Leading Role: Natalie Portman in "Black Swan." Let's see Meryl Streep do a ballet movie.

Actor in a Supporting Role: Christian Bale in "The Fighter." Actually got addicted to crack for this role.

Actor in a Leading Role: Colin Firth for "The King's Speech." Second easiest choice of the night.

Best Picture: "The Social Network." In 2010, nerds are kings, and Zuckerberg is the new face of royalty.


  • Profile picture of Katie Holmes
    Katie Holmes 4 years ago

    Wow...that was fantastic!
    Very, very creative.
    Looking forward to more of your reviews!

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