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Twitter's mobile app promotion is out of beta and advertisers are ready

Twitter announced today that they are moving forward with their mobile app promotions. Earlier this year, they released a beta version for a limited number of advertisers. Those advertisers have claimed it to be successful. Since the achievement of the beta version, Twitter is ready to move forward.

Twitter on a mobile app
Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

The mobile app promotion has confirmed the powerful targeting capabilities available on this advertising platform. It can narrow down ads down to interest, keyword, TV targeting and tailored audiences. In addition, it goes further to layer on gender, geo, language and mobile platform targeting. This is all available to help target users who would be suited for an advertiser’s mobile app promotion.

Once the targeting is set, there are a number of ways to continue customizing the digital advertisement using Promoted Tweets and App Cards. Some of these capabilities include the following:

  • Automatically use the app’s icon and description from Google Play or the App Store
  • Deep linking that allows the user to open the app directly from the Twitter stream
  • Customize Tweet copy to sell users why they should download the app

When the app is live on a user’s mobile phone, Twitter will provide the advertiser with conversion tracking for mobile apps. This will make measuring the full conversion of a campaign simplified. Twitter teamed up with multiple companies to help with the conversion tracking. The companies that joined forces for this project are Adjust, AD-X, AppsFlyer, Fiksu, Grab, Hasoffers and Kochava.

The mobile app promotional pricing structure will be based on a cost-per-app-click (CPAC) model. The advertiser will get charged two ways for this digital marketing campaign. The first way is when the user clicks the ad and is directed to the Google Play or App Store. The second way is when the user opens the app directly from Twitter.

The doors are opening for Twitter to dramatically increase their revenue stream. It has proven to be successful for other large Internet companies like Facebook and Google.

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