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Twitter profile changes

Twitter profile changes.
Twitter profile changes.

Twitter is now offering a large header image on your profile, very similar to the large header image on a Facebook account or a Google+ account.

While this is yet another example of all the major social media sites imitating features from other sites, this is an improved visual image for your Twitter bio.

On the other hand, when I now look at someone else's Twitter bio, I find the large header image and re-arranged elements somewhat confusing for quickly getting information. I admit, though, that perhaps this will become easier once I am more accustomed to the new format.

Checking my own new Twitter profile, I wondered why some of my tweets were displayed in larger type than others.

I have now deciphered this -- those tweets that have been retweeted several times are the ones displayed in larger type. This is indeed an interesting use of social proof.

Check out my Twitter profile at to see the new format.

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