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Twitter marketing strategies


You’ve created a Twitter profile that will generate interest and drive traffic. You’ve connected with people and begun to build your community. The next step and the way to make Twitter a relevant traffic and profit generation tool is to begin Interacting

Twitter asks one question, “What are you doing?” The trick is to make it relevant to your business, and interesting. This list takes a look at Twitter marketing strategies.

#1 Ask a Question

Post a question or a statement with a link to a website article or blog post that addresses that question. The author of “The 4-Hour Work Week” Tim Ferris has conducted some research on most popular Tweets and found that posts which contain “how to…, best, most, worst, and great” are found in the most popular posts. Additionally, questions often trigger a click through or a response. People love to share their experiences, advice, and opinions.

#2 Announce Contests and Sweepstakes

People love contests and sweepstakes. In , they like getting things for free and winning. Use Twitter to announce a contest and then link to the contest announcement on your website or blog. You can then also ask permission to send them marketing messages. Instant opt-in list builder and traffic generation tool.

#3 Provide Valuable Information

This is essentially what social networking is all about. Use Twitter posts to provide relevant and valuable information about your industry. Posting this information helps you become a credible authority. People will follow you because you’re in the know. Then you can weave into your posts, links to important and relevant information which can be found on your own site.

You can also write blog posts that provide valuable information and then link to them from Twitter. The key is to earn credibility and trust by becoming a source of information.

# 4 Share Pictures or Videos

Twitpic and Twiddio offer you the ability to post pictures and videos to connect personally with your audience. Video marketing is a great way to build a brand and provide beneficial information. They also arouse curiosity.

For example, you could post a picture of you with other associates at a conference. When people start clicking through your pictures, it’ll make them more curious about you and your business. It often leads to a follow and a visit to your website.

#5 Make an Offer

Blatant self promotion is hardly ever acceptable on social media sites. However, if you can position your message so that it offers benefit or value to your prospects it may be more warmly accepted.

For example, instead of “sign up for my opt-in list” which will get you shunned from the very people you’re trying to reach, you can post a message that offers value. “Looking for some extra cash? Free report shows you how you can make $1000 this week.” Include a link and you’re god to go. Of course don’t make a habit of these types of posts, use them wisely when you really want to drive traffic to a page or an offer.

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