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Twitter looks up your first tweet: Pull up your first tweet on new Twitter tool

Twitter lets you lookup your first tweet in honor of their 8th birthday!
Twitter lets you lookup your first tweet in honor of their 8th birthday!

Twitter turns eight-years-old and to celebrate Twitter’s birthday, they are letting you look up your very first tweet. This new tool was introduced by Twitter that lets you get a blast from the past. You get to see the words you wrote and posted as your first official Twitter tweet, according to Fox News live on March 21.

CNN reports that Twitter’s new tool will bring your first tweet out of the virtual archives once you type your Twitter handle into the search field on the new tool. If you want to know the first tweet of anyone else, just type in their Twitter handle.

Check out the Twitter first tweet tool by clicking here.

You might want to know what Alec Baldwin first typed into Twitter before he used social networks as a sounding board for some of his anger. You can check out any of your favorite celebrities’ first tweets just by entering their Twitter handle.

What did President Obama first say on Twitter, or any of his camp? That was eight years ago and things may have changed, as far as the way some folks are thinking politically. What about the guy or girl you are dating today, what were they tweeting eight years ago?

Does anyone remember a time without Twitter? There wasn’t a way to get your thoughts out to the world instantly like Twitter allows you to do today. Take a few minutes and go on a fishing expedition to see how many of those first tweets you can catch, starting with yours and working through your friends and co-workers!

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