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Twitter is For Business

Twitter is for Business by Dick Raman
Twitter is for Business by Dick Raman
Dick Raman

When people first encounter Twitter they just don’t ‘get it’. They think it is rather silly to start sending SMSes that the whole world can see. Just about all people that first encounter Twitter have a similar reaction. It takes a while before people start to recognize how powerful Twitter can be.

Especially Business people have a tendency to overlook social networking as a valuable business tool. They are busy running their company and they usually ignore the social networking sites altogether.

That is mistake number one. Social networking has become a major driver of traffic on the Internet and businesses need to take this seriously if they don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity. Every company today should have a FaceBook account and engage in conversations with their customers and prospects on Twitter.

After all, businesses are a collection of individuals and these individuals start to express themselves on the Internet more and more. Through the social networking sites employees are engaging in conversations with their friends and family and increasingly with total strangers. There is great value for businesses to tap into this source and generate more brand awareness and traffic to their websites.

Twitter is especially suited for this purpose. Be- cause tweets are easy to read and easy to write, it wouldn’t take much for a business to actively use this medium.

Twitter is a hot social networking tool, but business owners can really profit from it. Twitter is fast, free and simple way to get immediate results for your business. You can increase your traffic today, and reap the benefits quickly.

Here are some ways your business can profit from Twitter:

1. Find local people you can network with or find local events to meet local customers. Use the search feature ( to find people who are near you, then follow them. Especially for business professionals like lawyers, doctors and accountants this is a great way to find new customers.

2. Get great quality traffic by sending messages (“tweets”) that are meaningful and helpful. Twitter users come from many walks of life and income levels, so build a relationship with them to get the best results.

3. Remember the old saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know that counts”? That is true on Twitter, as well. If you need a favor, send out a tweet – you never know who can help (or who knows someone who can help).

4. Know the power of the “re-tweet,” which is what it is called when someone takes a message (“tweet”) you send and then sends it to their followers. It is sort of like the way a forwarded email works. Send a quality tweet to your followers and see how it gets passed along to others.

5. Use the search feature to find like-minded people across the world. Use it to find people who may not possess the same talents as you, but complement your talents.

Twitter is an excellent tool for building your on- line business. If it is used properly, it is a free asset to your Internet marketing plan. Let’s investigate the few areas in which a business could use Twitter to their advantage.

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