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Twitter is buzzing: Johnny Depp is engaged, with ‘chick’s ring’ to prove it

Twitter is buzzing with Johnny Depp's engagement to Amber Heard
Twitter is buzzing with Johnny Depp's engagement to Amber Heard
By matsubokkuri (RIMG0113), CC-BY-SA-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Twitter is buzzing about the confirmation that actor Johnny Depp is now engaged to Amber Heard. Yes, and he has on a “chick’s ring,” as he called it, on to prove it.

While rumors have been rampant in the media about the actor being engaged, Depp has just confirmed it. It is true. He wore Heard’s ring recently on his left hand during a press conference, which created more frenzy for the possible engagement than ever before. It turns out, according to The Straight Times website, that he wore the “chick’s ring” to show off the engagement to Heard.

Now, Twitter is afire with photos and quotes from Johnny Depp and about the breaking engagement news. US Weekly, for example, posted a photo of Depp wearing Heard’s ring.

As Jennifer @get_hemmered Tweets,

male engagement ring? Apparently it’s a thing… Johnny Depp wears one.

As for Robbates, he’s calling the jewelry item a “man-gagement ring” in his Twitter message about the celebrity event.

Other Tweets congratulate the engaged couple and offer up pics of Depp or quotes he has said about love.

It’s interesting that Johnny Depp wears an engagement ring (and please note that Amber Heard also wears a ring) as in traditional western culture relationships it’s often the woman only who wears the ring prior to marriage. Let's see what Twitter finds out next about the engaged couple!

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