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Twitter has 100 million active users

Rick Perry (@GovernorPerry) is just like you, 1 in a 100 million Twitter users.
Rick Perry (@GovernorPerry) is just like you, 1 in a 100 million Twitter users.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

One hundred million people are actively using Twitter (by logging in at least once a month), according to the official Twitter blog today. The company actually has over 200 million registered accounts, but prefers to focus on active users. While that still is a shadow of the 750 million Facebook users, the company in the shadow is growing larger everyday.

Who uses Twitter?
According to the blog post, 35 heads of state, including @BarackObama are active users. 84% of U.S. governors and every major GOP presidential candidate are on Twitter. 40% of world religious leaders tweet, including the @DalaiLama and the Pope (@news_va_en).

A large majority of professional athletes, entertainers, journalists, and other celebrities have Twitter accounts these days as well. In addition to these celebrities, the @redcross and @fema tweet about volunteer efforts and emergency situations. Every major news organization has a Twitter feed, including users like @BreakingNews that emerged from the Twitterverse itself.

Why is this news?
Twitter has been very protective of its official number of total users until now. Some estimates this spring placed the emerging giant around 225 million users, while the Huffington Post reported Twitter to have 105 million users back in April 2010. Like many other successful businesses, the company is probably protecting its image to maintain and increase its value. Now analysts have an official baseline to project future growth of the company.

Where will Twitter head?
If the Huffington Post is correct and Twitter had 105 million users a year and a half ago, then the numbers of users could at least be between 300 or 400 million by the end of next year, with 200 million being active. For perspective, active Twitter is almost the size of Mexico (11th) and the total number is larger than Brazil (5th). If it grew to 300 or 400 million, Twitter would be the 3rd largest country in the world, larger than the United States.

Congratulations to all those involved in helping Twitter reach this social milestone.

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