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Twitter + Flirting = Flitter, a new dating trend

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By now everyone in America has heard of Twitter, the Internet site that allows people to “tweet” their thoughts from their computer or cell phone anytime, day or night. Many celebrities have embraced Twitter and fans can “follow” them or their real friends through the site to hear about what activities they are doing or what thoughts they are having. Some people find Twitter a dumb invention while others are completely obsessed and tweet several times a day (i.e. John Mayer).

However, I doubt you guys have heard of Flitter. It’s an online dating tool that combines Twitter with flirting. Here’s how it works. Technology savvy people attend a Flitter event. Each guest wears a number sticker and their flirty tweets are projected onto a large screen for all to see. Participants can tweet anonymously or have their ID number shown. If you don’t understand, the large Flitter screen might looks like this:

#45: @14 can I buy you a drink?
#33: any single ladies wanna chat?
#18: so many cuties, I can’t choose!
#14: @45, absolutely, vodka soda plz

According to Reuters, some participants in a Flitter event in Toronto found it hard to tweet and converse at the same time, while others found it a great way to meet people. Twenty-three-year-old Haley Trusler told Reuters she thought Flitter was "a great way for shy people to put themselves out there."

Flitter events were created by Justin Parfitt, founder and CEO of Fastlife, the Canadian-based dating service. Flitter events began in Australia and recently made their way to our neighbors of the north, Canada. The events were held in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal and were advertised online.

It's only a matter of time before Flitter events make their debut in the U.S. We all know social networks here reign supreme, but is Flitter taking it too far? We already accept love texts instead of love letters and get asked out via Facebook message or comment. Will I someday find myself being hit on from a stranger at a bar via tweet? That thought scares me.

I know things like Facebook, IM, Twitter and now Flitter parties give the shy person a chance to come out of their shell, but I think it's a cop out. 

So I'm dying to hear your thoughts. Flitter or social network dating in general, cop out or great new way to express romantic interest?


  • tc 5 years ago

    Both sides of the issue are true. It does allow shy people another way to connect and creates the opportunity for intrusive behavior as well. It's a tool, and like all tools, it's neither good or bad, it's how the tool is used.

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