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Twitter explodes on Macklemore for what many consider racist Jewish costume

Rapper Macklemore caused a Twitter storm with his supposed racist Jewish costume
Rapper Macklemore caused a Twitter storm with his supposed racist Jewish costume
Suzi Pratt/Getty Images

American Rapper Macklemore is taking a lot of flak on Twitter about the costume he wore to perform at Seattle’s EMP Museum, according to the Huffington Post on May 19. The costume appeared to many to be a racist Jewish stereotype, yet the rapper denies that the costume was racist.

The photos show Macklemore dressed up with a rather large nose, a Moe Howard black wig and full black beard. He defended his costume on Twitter, saying: “A fake witches nose, wig and beard = random costume. Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody.” Seattle Weekly reported that Macklemore was wearing the costume as a disguise to avoid recognition prior to the performance.

But many felt that the rapper’s costume was more than a little disingenuous, especially since the duo of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were the first hip hop performers to take on the issue of marriage equality in their song “Same Love.” That song was performed by lesbian singer Mary Lambert at the 2014 Grammy Awards show as Queen Latifah, sworn in as a temporary commissioner, officiated over 33 marriages live on the air.

Macklemore’s “random costume” got a lot of people fired up and they took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Here are a few examples leading off with actor Seth Rogen.

@Sethrogen (Seth Rogen): @macklemore, first you trick people into thinking you’re a rapper, now you trick them into thinking you’re Jewish?

@chompsk1 (Josh King): for those who don’t know, @macklemore performed "Thrift Shop" dressed as a racist Jewish stereotype. Idiot.

@idb1204 (Ian de Borja): Check out @macklemore performing “Thrift Shop” as a stereotypical Jewish man. So much for same love, eh?

@lynnjacobson (Lynn Jacobson) Yes, Seattle, this is Macklemore. “Went to Costume Display today and I feel like a man for the first time” #empvivid

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis formed their hip hop duo in 2009 in Seattle, Wash. The duo consists of Ben Haggerty, the rapper known as Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis, a record producer, DJ and photographer. Their first album was “VS. EP.” Their third album, “The Heist,” won a Grammy in 2012.

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