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Twitter drops project to encrypt direct messages

According to a report from The Verge on March 19, Twitter is no longer working on making private messages harder for the government to access. In November, the news was that Twitter was working on encrypting direct messages between users so that snooping from hackers or surveillance programs would be more difficult or impossible.

Twitter is not longer working on encrypting direct messages
Kelsey Waananen

However, according to The Verge, earlier this year the company dropped the project without explanation. Though Twitter still has not issued a comment on why the project was dropped, it appears to be that it was just bumped down, or completely off of their to-do list. A source even confirmed to The Verge that Twitter will not make direct message encryption an priority within the next two quarters.

Twitter is one of the more vocal social media networks when it comes to transparency about information requests and even refused to cooperate with the National Security Agency’s PRISM program, which created an easy channel for the government to college data through court-ordered requests.

Though Twitter is a public social media platform, it does allow users the option to keep some things private. This includes personal information, anything that is a ‘protected account’ or direct messages.

Encrypted messages would go well with Twitter’s stance of standing up for privacy, but it seems like Twitter has more pressing priorities to see to now. Hopefully in the future, encrypted messages will make it back onto the to-do list to help Twitter keep their place as a company that “Has Your Back”.

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