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Twitter conference will encourage apps that help Louisville tweeters stay in touch

Chirp! Twitter Conference
Chirp! Twitter Conference

From April 14 - 15 in San Francisco there will be programmers, developers, venture capitalists and forward-thinkers gathering to improve Twitter. The schedule even includes a Hack Day - a fun filled day of programmers working together to develop applications for Twitter. These applications will then be launched into cyberspace, and then into the Twitterverse.

We in Louisville need to keep our eyes open for these applications. Right now there is testing happening on Geolocation - being able to spot trends in your area or region. With mobile integration the uses for Twitter and entertainment companies will become a part of every business strategy.

So, with new applications on the horizon - and you know there will be new ones - are we ready?

If you're a part-time Twitter user, ramp it up a bit.

If you're a business owner and occasionally use Twitter to get information, change your strategy to begin giving some information.

With an open invitation to programmers to develop apps for Twitter you can bet good money on there being some fun, interesting, useful things we'll be able to use Twitter for in upcoming months.

Wonder what Twitter will look like by year end? Hmm. No doubt it'll be good, considering what's been done up to this point.

Check out Chirp! for more information, and get tweeting now so you can be a part of the changes coming to us.


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