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Twitter can help your business gain more traction and grow

Seven useful steps to get your profile more visible on Twitter.
Seven useful steps to get your profile more visible on Twitter.
Rosaura Ochoa via Flickr

The microblogging website has proven to be a formidable communication highway in the world of social media networking. For real-time events it reshaped how news breaking events got reported and 300 billion tweets have been sent since its beginning. A new infographic published on Sunday explains in four detailed steps how to get up and running your business on the social channel.

One of the most critical steps when creating an account on Twitter is to complete as much as possible the profile section for the desired account. Ensure you do not come off as excessively professional and are not too relaxed on the flip side. A middle ground will do the trick.

In the profile portion provide a picture of yourself, a logo, or a visual representation of the company is eye-catching. You can also include the company’s website in the bio to generate interest and potential leads. In addition, conduct enough research to include relevant and effective hashtags to become more visible on the platform.

How to attract new and similar followers? There is an old saying if you cannot beat them join them. Not that you have to go ahead and copy everything your competitor is doing but try to identify key takeaways that are working for them.

It is especially crucial to identify your targeted audience for any social network especially when Twitter is concerned. Because selling a product to the wrong demographic with different interests will give you no results or feedback.

Reaching out to well-known experts is encouraged, but do not expect an immediate face-to-face meeting. Twitter is more than the accumulation of followers and engagement. It is about creating quality interactions.

If you have a new product, a new announcement or just opening a business reach out to individuals within your niche. One of the ways to get greater exposure besides Tweeting is getting other well respected websites to link to your product. This turns out to be a plus for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Be mindful about requesting to be featured right aways as it may come off as spamming, so take it a thoughtful approach.

As the visual graphic clearly points out do network. There are many brands and businesses with an established client base. You may want to check Twitter chats or Twitter hours where a specific hashtag get assigned during an interval of an hour to share and comment about a specific topic. This is a great way to start valuable networking and taking notes is encouraged anytime you are trying to score your core business objectives.

If these four reasons are not enough to get an account started click on the URL for the “15 Fast Twitter Facts” to get a bigger picture

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