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Twitter account for Va. Dem. closed after calling Tea Party 'anti American'

Election day in Virginia
Election day in Virginia
John Moore/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Twitter account for Mike Dickinson, the Virginia Democrat who sought to take the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., was deleted after he called the Tea Party an "anti-American virus." It is not known what prompted the deletion, and Dickinson has not responded to inquiries.

Additionally, Dickinson's campaign Facebook page was unreachable at the time of this writing. It is unknown if Dickinson pulled the page voluntarily or if it was closed by Facebook.

Dickinson missed Thursday's filing deadline to be on the ballot in Virginia's 7th Congressional District. Last Thursday was the day he was a guest on Fox News' "On the Record" with Greta van Susteren. According to Mediaite, Dickinson knew he would not be on the ballot at the time of his appearance but said nothing. Nevertheless, he continued to claim that he would be on the ballot.

After that appearance, Dickinson threatened elected GOP state delegate Bob Marshall, saying on Twitter that he was "coming after" Marshall. When asked, all Dickinson could muster was advise to "Google" Marshall.

On Tuesday, Truth Revolt reported that Dickinson used offensive language in a tweet he claimed was aimed at the Tea Party. According to Truth Revolt, Dickinson used a derogatory term referring to mentally retarded people. April, Truth Revolt added, is autism awareness month.

"No one supports autism awareness more than I do. Know the facts. Attack was on tea party morons not autism," Dickinson reportedly tweeted on Tuesday.

Dickinson's short-lived campaign has consisted primarily of unhinged, largely fact-free rants on Twitter attacking the NRA, the Tea Party, Christians, Fox News and those who watch Fox News. At one point, he solicited votes from those who want to see Christians "decimated."

He also promised to engage in massive abuses of power if elected, by declaring he would wage war on Fox News, the Tea Party, the NRA and others he views as "trash." In his threat to Marshall, for example, he declared he would "eradicate" the Tea Party.

A number of people on Twitter were glad to see Dickinson gone.

"[H]e must have went back to being CEO of his club. 15 min of fame are over. Flamed out like a shooting star," one person said.

"@VoteMike2014 was never about running a campaign," another person said. "He was about seeking his 15 mins."

Update: On Wednesday, Dickinson responded by email, telling his Twitter account is down for security purposes.

"It has been targeted repeatedly by bots and hackers. It will be back soon with a security upgrade," he said.

He also maintained his name will be on the ballot for Virginia's 7th Congressional District and promised to issue a press release "soon."

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