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Twitter in 2010 looks very interesting

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Some things to watch for as Twitter grows and expands and becomes even more popular among people on the planet:

Twitter eyes acquisitions, sees making money in 2010 A Reuters article: Co-Founder Biz Stone says Twitter will "start making money" in 2010 as it unveils a plan early next year on how it will produce revenue through advertising. He declined to give details but said advertising will be "non-traditional. And, even though there is plenty of money in the bank, Stone says he may go to the stock market for additional funding. Something to watch on both sides - ad revenues and possible Initial Public Offering opportunity.

Will Twitter Transform Homeless Services in 2010? A blog post predicting that Twitter has the power to change the way homeless services operate. Farfetched? You decide.

More attacks expected on Facebook, Twitter in 2010 from "McAfee 2010 Predictions" referenced in article: "Malware authors love following the social networking buzz and hot spots of activity; that will continue in 2010. As Google and other providers crack down on search engine poisoning, we expect that Twitter and similar services will increase in appeal for such purposes. Along with Twitter’s success we have seen widespread adaptation of abbreviated URL services, such as and These services now appear in all sorts of communications—making it easier than ever to mask the URLs that users are asked to click. This trick will play a more predominant role in 2010; it’s the perfect avenue to direct users to websites that they would normally be wary about visiting."

Twitter App Numbers Growing Strong Going Into 2010 a sign that the development of apps is truly a big deal is that there will be a Twitter developer conference in 2010 called Chirp in San Francisco next year.