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Twits, twats & tyrants

They just take the ball “we the people” have given them and they run with it. What else are they to do?

These petty, narcissistic self-serving and self-indulgent opportunistic misanthropes are created by us.

They are spawned from the hate, prejudice, fear, greed and the self-righteousness of the collective. What we see when we see our elected and appointed “officials” is a true reflection of who we as a people are. There is no mirror capable of providing a better reflection.

Race, ethnicity, gender---none of it makes one good goddamn bit of difference. There are notable exceptions but too few to make any discernible difference.

Mid-term elections are in the offing. The fairly predictable outcome of those elections from “sea to shining sea” will put much too fine a point on this fact. Certainly, there will be little I can do about it, save write these few words and thoughts.

Who we are and where we are going, that too, is predictable. It happens. It’s happened to every “advanced” civilization in history. We are no better and certainly no exception---however exceptional we may perceive ourselves---we aren’t.

The hate, prejudice, fear, greed and the self-righteousness of the collective swell the already bloated self-important balloon- like finger puppets into nightmarish cretins.

Those frightening, menacing creatures empowered and emboldened work against the very well-being of the nation and even of “we the people” who “elected” them to office----albeit from a neatly vetted group of willing servants of capitalist extremist champions who deftly hide behind the anonymity of their wealth.

However well intentioned or well meaning at the outset the spoils of office are much too compelling for most people to resist. And of course, most “elected” officials lack the moral fiber to resist and certainly have no monetary incentive to do otherwise, the self-preservation instinct being far too strong.

Besides, if they lose their respective elections they might have to go to work at real jobs at the slave wages their individual and collective mean-spiritedness demanded while in office.

Wholly dependent on “we the people” to control their blood-lust their individual and collective futures are a certainty. All “we the people” have, as a collective, enshrined is that with exceptions like Bubba Perry, the 15 minutes of fame of these self-serving cretins are limited to two terms---in a given office anyway.

The majority have employed that machination because they, too, lack the moral fiber to resist, or perhaps the majority enjoys the coziness of the known, the status quo and the company of twits, twats and tyrants.

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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