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Twitchy report: Drudge hits media with 'truth boom,' IRS says pay Obamacare now

Monopoly Money: Matt Drudge has paid his Obamacare "Liberty tax"
Monopoly Money: Matt Drudge has paid his Obamacare "Liberty tax"
Evan Agostina/Getty Images and Oli Scarff/Getty Images

On Sunday Twitchy gleefully led the cheers for Drudge Report creator, Matt Drudge, after he slammed his media critics with an IRS "Liberty Tax" form. As Twitchy explains it, Drudge lowered a "truth boom," on those who had doubted his honesty and good sense when he mentioned a day earlier that he had paid his Obamacare tax. Drudge called it a "Liberty Tax."

When Drudge made the claim on Saturday, liberal critics and even a spokesperson from the White House quickly pounced to call his statement a "flat lie," "confusing," as well as to make the case that Drudge was "(probably) a liar." This article chronicles who said what and how quick after Drudge's now viral tweet: "Timeline: Liberals race to shoot down Drudge's 'Liberty tax' Obamacare tweet "

Finally Drudge had produced proof he could wave in his critics face. Today, Drudge exclaimed with caps:

Hey, WH, libs and lapdogs! Matt Drudge: This IRS form recommends paying ‘Obamacare tax NOW.

Drudge ponted to IRS form 1040 ES 2014 which indeed did make a recommendation on page two, though not a requirement, that tax payers who file quarterly should estimate and pay Obamacare tax each quarter. Adjacent to the bold heading "health care coverage," the IRS suggests that a quarterly filer should, "make a payment if you do not have coverage or an exemption[s] for all twelve months of 2014."

Unfortunately, no matter how salacious a public online spat between high-profile personalities may be, this spat underlines the frustration, misconceptions, and misinformation that small businesses, the self-employed and individuals are experiencing regarding Obamacare tax responsibilities. Since none of the governing clauses of the law seem to be set in stone, it's no wonder folks are confused.

Perhaps that's another reason why David Gregory asked his panel of Meet the Press experts whether Obamacare would be the slamdunk issue for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections. It may also be the reason that Drudge editor, Joseph Curl, predicted that Obama and Obamacare would be toxic in midterm elections and made a stab at who would win, Democrats or Republicans.

Drudge implied Obama media supporters didn't need to worry, as he must, about being audited by the IRS. Drudge isn't alone in wanting to avoid a tax audit. Millions of taxpayers are uncertain what their personal liability might be. The confused are not merely limited to just small businesses. After the last IRS scandal, in which Tea Party groups were targeted, many conservatives feel they have reason for concern.

To help with the confusion, back in February, the IRS quietly offered an online set of tax tips for individuals applicable to the recently implemented health care law. One can only assume the tips are updated to reflect each new waiver that Obama signs with his pen.

Obviously, Matt Drudge must have sought good tax advice to properly pay the taxes for earnings from his lucrative Drudge Report. Perhaps his critics should as well.

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