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Twitch.TV: A new way of broadcasting for gamers

Broadcasting has always been an integral part of culture whether it be from the radio or television, news or entertainment, people have tuned in to broadcasts for one reason or another. With the digital age rapidly evolving broadcasting has adapted and evolved as well. Today we see podcasts, YouTube series, and Live Streams on the forefront serving the world’s needs for news, information, and entertainment. If someone wants information on literally any subject they can make a quick search on their favorite search engine and find someone talking about it.

For the video game enthusiast in me this means many hours spent researching, listening, and enjoying the hours and hours that people devote to the same passions that I have. In my time on the internet I've become fond on one site in particular. Twitch.TV, a place where anyone with the equipment can live stream themselves playing video games and people can come in and chat with them about what they are playing.

When first opening the web page you come across the featured “Channels” where a video stream is playing. The stream will consist typically of the game footage and the caster overlaying the screen playing the game. Alongside the stream is a chat bar in which you can chat with the caster as well as other people in the channel in real time and the caster and others can chat back with you. The concept, while simple, is one of the most fun experiences ever.

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