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Twitch adding group chat to gaming service

What's new for Twitch? No not another "Twitch plays Pokemon phenomenon". It's a new group chat feature.

twitch continues to improve with the addition of group chat.

Announced at the beginning of the month (April 2014), Twitch has begun the Group Chat Beta. This new feature will allow users to create their own private chat rooms and invite others to join the group. This will give Twitch users an alternative to the giant Channel Chat currently available to game streamers and spectators. "Twitch is a social place, and chat is where the social exchange happens.", said Twitch in their announcement.

Group Chat Beta is an invite-only chat room that is currently only available to members of the Twitch Partners Program but anyone can be invited to join and participate in a private chat room from the beta. "The beta period is necessary to ensure that Group Chat is stable and scalable before we roll out room creation to everyone. We've been working hard on shoring up the QoS of our chat service in general, and we are keen to roll it out to the rest of the community as quickly as we can.", explained Twitch in the announcement.

So hopefully the new feature will be available in the near future for all Twitch users. Twitch quickly become the premiere website for video game streaming after it's start just a few years ago and it just continues to improve it's service for the community. To learn more about the new Group Chat Beta head over to the Twitch Blog.

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