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Twit Spotting: Public shaming used to get others to stop texting while driving

Everyone knows that texting while driving can be fatal, yet hundreds of thousands of people continue to do it. A San Francisco man recently took notice of just how many people continue to text while driving and is hoping to publicly shame them through his project called "Texting While in Traffic" (TWIT). On March 24, 2014, Gizmodo reported that those who disregard the dangers of distracted driving and the law may have their picture shared on TWIT and possibly on a billboard for everyone to see.

Texting While in Traffic
Texting While in Traffic
Texting While in Traffic
Billboards of distracted drivers in San Francisco

Graphic designer Brian Singer, created TWIT shortly after he began commuting along the 101 Freeway and was shocked at just how many people were texting while they were behind the wheel. Singer began snapping pictures of these violators and shared the photos on TWIT, along with distracted driving statistics.

"I've been blown away by the number of people texting while in traffic, on the freeway," Singer told Gizmodo. "For every nose picker, there's 20 texters. Unofficial estimation by me."

Singer now encourages others to become involved in "TWIT Spotting" and send their photos in as well. He assured Gizmodo that he is always a passenger when he is "TWIT Spotting" and requires that all contributors are too.

Singer believes if enough people start taking pictures of distracted driving violators, it will have a huge affect on the behavior of others.

"My greater hope is that it will freak some people out and make them think twice before picking up the phone and driving," Singer says.

As of now there are 11 billboards throughout San Francisco and will they will stay up through early April, which is also Distracted Driver Awareness Month. Singer has funded the billboards with his own money and hopes that police will also take notice of the people who continue to use the phones and break the law.

Photos can be shared to the TWIT website and also posted to Instagram with the hash tag #twit.

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