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'Twisted' season 2, episode 14 spoilers

Ever since "Twisted" began, fans have been wondering what really happened when Danny was arrested for murder when he was just a kid. He always said he didn't do it, but couldn't reveal why. Last week, viewers finally found out the truth and it was completely unexpected. Unfortunately for Danny, this time he really did murder someone... his own father. So what is going to happen next? On Feb. 24, Gossip & Gab revealed spoilers for "Twisted" season 2, episode 14.

Avan Jogia plays Danny on "Twisted"
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The episode is titled "Home is Where the Hurt Is" and the synopsis reads,

“With the Homecoming dance quickly approaching, tension mounts between Danny and Lacey as Danny wonders if he can ever get over recent events. When Jo realizes cute but nerdy Andie has a crush on Rico, she gives her friend the nudge he needs to make the first move. Danny recognizes a familiar face in town and makes a mysterious connection to his time in juvenile hall. Meanwhile, Jack (guest star Ivan Sergei) moves in on a conflicted Karen, and Tess finds it increasingly difficult to hide her secrets from Kyle.”

It sounds like there is going to be a lot happening on the upcoming episode. It isn't surprising that Danny is struggling with recent events. Murdering someone, even though it wasn't intentional and was the result of protecting someone isn't something that can be forgotten, especially when it is your own father.

As for the familiar face in town, that would be Charlie, the guy who keeps running into Lacey. Even though she and Danny have a romantic connection and Jo finally gave her the blessing to go ahead with the relationship, it won't be all roses. Lacey has been flirting with Charlie and Danny is keeping a huge, dark secret from her. Could this have something to do with Charlie? If so, what could it be and why is Charlie in town?

A sneak peek on YouTube reveals that Charlie does not have good intentions. The narrator says that an enemy from Danny's past is back, determined to ruin his future one person at a time. Towards the end Lacey and Charlie are talking and he doesn't look very friendly. He actually has a mean sneer on his face and Lacey looks very uncomfortable, with her eyes scanning the room, as if she is looking around for a way out.

There is also the question of why Tess kept Vikram's secret and never told anyone that he wasn't dead. Did he have something on her or perhaps she was loyal because she was in love with him? Perhaps he promised her something and that is why she kept quiet.

"Twisted" season 2, episode 14 will air on Feb. 25.

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