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Twisted Root Burger Co. in Richardson innovates the burger joint model

Twisted Root Burger Co. raises the burger bar.
Twisted Root Burger Co. raises the burger bar.

Let's face it, are burgers really all that different? Sure, you can go fast food or you can order one at a fine steakhouse and pay twenty times the price, but honestly, what sets a burger apart from the competition? Bread. Meat. Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle. Are you a mustard guy or a mayo gal? A burger is often a burger. Same goes for the burger joint itself. Most are as simple and nondescript as the delicious, juicy sandwich. But, in a sea of scantly adorned, grease-filled hovels, Twisted Root stands out from the crowd.

We arrived to a long queue of expectant, mouth-watered patrons ready to sink their teeth into the familiar luncheon fix. Suddenly, everything changed. The interesting digs of Twisted Root burst with uniqueness, from the industrial inspired decor, to the almost antagonistic chalk board menus instructing patrons how to order without much consideration for those with meek dispositions. 

Of course they've got the standard fare: Hamburger, Cheddar burger, hot dog. Common sides like fries and onion rings pile high next to bakery fresh buns topped with 92% lean beef. But Twisted root also twists its menu. 

Consider these alternatives to the burger joint doldrums: Turkey burger, spicy veggie burgers, buffalo, venison, and even ostrich burgers. I even tried the special of the day; the elk burger. But can all this wild experimentation bleed into their sides? Oh yes. Why not expand your taste-bud's horizons by ordering the Twisted Root Fried Ride: deep fried green beans, onion rings, sweet potato twists, and crunchy tart pickles. All this ground up craziness can be enjoyed by the adventurous, but you do so at your own risk.

See, people like their burgers, they covet the simplistic, consistent flavors of their nature, but sometimes violence can erupt if their expectations are thwarted. This happened to me. I found the presentation of the burger beautiful, with far more consideration than most burger establishments, but the elk burger was quite dry. I found myself eyeing the beef-burgers of those around me like an animal stalking the bushes for a fresher kill. The dryness of the elk didn't help what I felt to be a bun that, while adequately thick, added to my unwelcome cotton-mouth from the meat. I was also disappointed in the "fried ride." The green beans were terrible and do not lend themselves to deep frying as they also dry out, regardless of freshness. This unpleasantness was somewhat eased by the chipotle ranch that accompanied it, but I still cannot endorse the idea of deep fried green beans. I'm also not a fan of sweet potato fries, but this is a personal taste and should not be avoided it your particular tastes are so inclined.

One thing that must not be excluded is a fresh shake, I ordered the chocolate covered cherry version, and it nearly put me into a happy little sugar coma in the passenger seat of my friend's car. However, I do recommend you order the shake after you eat your meal, as if you order it with your burger, the shake will be delivered first.

So, I recommend Twisted Root Burger Co. at either their Richardson or Deep Elum locations for that break from the ordinary burger, just make sure you stick with the basics on your first time around. Variety is indeed the spice of life, just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into before you belly up and get too creative!

James Dean, your order is ready!


  • Diego 5 years ago

    A must-visit if you seek best burger in Texas. Gotta getta shake and Root Beer. Go with a few folks, split a burger with your date, and sample as much as you can. If your cholesterol is already high, make this your last indulgence before your next heart attack.

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