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Twisted Cabaret provides a zig and a zag on Valentine's Day

Twisted Cabaret
Twisted Cabaret

If you’re looking to dazzle your loved one this Valentine’s Day with more than just your typical box of chocolates and a schmaltzy line from Hallmark then you’ll want to check out Frank Olivier’s Twisted Cabaret & Pandemonium Vaudeville Show.

As the name suggest, Twisted Cabaret promises an impetuous evening of cabaret, burlesque and theater. And at the center of it all is Frank Olivier who suddenly finds a new love interest that he is determined to win over.

Olivier (who has been seen in Broadway’s “Sugar Babies,” “The Tonight Show,” “Ellen,” and others) works his eclectic charm like no other - swallowing swords, performing magic tricks, defying gravity and grace on a unicycle, and of course, doing it all with humor and well-placed comedic flare.

Twisted Cabaret zigzagged its way into Seattle this past weekend to the delight of many looking to spice up their entertainment options. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching there’s no doubt that Olivier will add even more spice - and a few more twists - for all of the romantically inclined in the crowd.

If you're not into the whole Valentine thing, there’s no need to fret. This 90-minute ride offers plenty of fun for everyone - including families with youngsters over the age of eight.

Twisted Cabaret runs through Feb. 23 at Hale’s Palladium in Fremont. Check out for showtimes and tickets.