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TWIS Notes week ending July 5, 2014

Our opening challenge of the week occurred Wednesday July 2, as we took on Carline from Cedar Park Heights.

Sue Cannon: Honorary Captain and Forever Rocket!
Jim Morrison

Gina’s game has been slowly forming into shape and arrived in mid season form. She collected four hits, four singles, three runs scored, and two driven in. Ines continues her season of excellence by also collecting four singles, and scoring twice. 23 hits were accumulated as Purdon, Katie, Rozon, T-Mobile, Christiane, and Sylvie all collected a pair of hits.

Our defense re-dedicated itself to effort and energy. We allowed 12 hits, all of which were singles. We gave them donut holes in five of the seven innings played.

The score was tied 7-7 after five innings, when two significant plays from both the offensive, and defensive became difference makers.

Top of 6th inning

T-Mobile singles to center. Gina follows-up with a single to right field sending T-Mobile to 2nd. Christiane powers a ball to deep Right center. What happened next would make California Chrome beam.

Here comes T-Mobile, seeing her coach’s arm FLAP to round 3rd and come home. (“I AM RUNNING!! ”); followed by Gina who apparently doesn’t see her coach’s arm FLAP, but rounds the corner, churning her way home, and finally Christiane lands at 3rd. That 3 minute play was PRICELESS! We go on to score a 3rd run as Isabelle cashes in Christiane for a 10-7 lead.

The defensive highlight came from Lisa, who has shown comfort playing any position. Two on, with two out in the bottom of the 6th, and “Any position” DeSouza flags down a deep hit in Right field to end the frame.

That momentum change has our offense come alive as we score seven in the 7th to take it.

Salut! Bonjour! Elvis has left the building!

Rockets win 17-7 in our best performance since early June.

Game time: 1h49m
Girlfriend of the game: Gina

Our follow-up game against Wild Willey’s saw the resurgence of Katie Allaire.

She had her best all around game in sometime as she went 3/4, two singles, a double, a run scored, and two driven in. Lisa, T-Mobile, Gina, Christiane, and Isabelle each had two hits which had the bottom of our line-up contribute extensively.

Our defense was solid as we pulled the trigger on a 4-6-3 Double play in the opening inning. The damage was held to a minimum for most of the evening.

We come up short of an 11-7 final score which could have easily gone our way.

Game time: 1H23M
Girlfriend of the game: Katie “Cush, man! It’s the best!”

Bonding with the coach (Part deux!)

Gina with big smile: “Jimmy, come and see this, as a big bottle of Lysol wipes in her bag is shown:

Jimmy: “Oh, no wonder you are so “gay” tonight”

Gina: “LOL  “

Jimmy “OK, O, K, That word also means HAPPY in my dictionary.”

After 15 ½ seasons at the helm, here is what I have learned from this year’s squad.

• I am forbidden to say the score aloud, unless I am told to do so! 
• Monster should include Amaretto, Boreale, and St-Ambroise! 
• I should offer discounts off my $2.00 purchase price! 
• Coors Light is considered “p….y beer” 
• The team has figured out that my FLAPPING my arm at 3rd base means go home, and doesn’t imply my having a stroke! (I’ve had one already! Be with me until the day I die! Thank-you very much! )
• Apparently, after 450 games, I have much more to learn! 

The road ahead has us in action with a pair of early games Wednesday, and Thursday. LOVEY, Can you confirm MIA’s please?

Alright, enough with my professional side; it is time to concentrate on some personal fun…….which means that

The Grand Master Chef, Rob Reside WANTS YOU August 2nd for the annual Rocket bbq!

Witness the culinary genius of our team chef as he prepares the most succulent smoked turkey this side of Bobby Flay.

It has been part of team culture to open invite to our family and friends to enjoy the joys of summer.

What that means is that we will need side dishes to accompany the “Gobble! Gobbles!” Start making a list! Start making plans! My home is your home, and look forward to a fabulous night!

Til we meet again,

Have fun, stay young, drink lots of beer, and speak highly of me!

Coach Jimmy
Proud Rocket

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