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Twis Notes week ending August 9, 2014

The Rockets night out at Cunningham's Pub
The Rockets night out at Cunningham's Pub
Jim Morrison

As it has become a statement of Rocket culture over the years, which bears repeating; nothing, and I MEAN NOTHING is more valuable, and precious then the health and safety of one of our own.
Lisa got hurt on a softball play Monday evening. Accidents happen, and part of the game. Lisa’s character shone through this crisis, showing us her mettle.
We are all here for you DeSouza, and we are looking forward to seeing you in that snazzy red shirt when you see fit to return.
We had our busiest week of the season as three games were thrust on us over a four day span.
Sylvie Allaire came to play on Monday night against Delibee. She led the charges with a two hit performance, two runs scored and one driven in. Deuces were wild for DeSouza, Tracey, Christiane, and Izzy in powering a 20 hit attack.
Our defense played its customary suffocating style. We allowed a bushel of hits to a very potent offense throughout the contest. Significant plays included 10-4 putouts in the 2nd and 6th innings.
This game provided drama as the outcome came down to the 7th inning. We clawed back, with runners at 2nd and 3rd but were unable to take advantage.
We go down 10-8 in an excellently played game that could have easily gone our way.
Game time: 1h21m
Girlfriend of the game: Sylvie Allaire
Our return engagement versus Delibee occurred two days later at Bourgeau Park.
Rozon continues the conversation for Girlfriend of the year as she had a stellar game. A 3/3 performance with a single, a double, a triple, a run scored, and a ribby. Dumoulin, Purdon, Christiane, Ines, Sylvie Allaire, and Lovey all contributed to the offence.
Our defense once again paved the way. Lovey pitched a masterpiece as it took to the 4th inning until our outfield registered an out. There would be a second out in the 6th, but the remainder of play was confined to the infield. Plays of significance were the T-Mobile-Purdon out in the opening frame, and an unassisted double play from Rozon in the 6th.
Another exceptional performance by all of you which put a stamp on your character, as we go down 5-3 in a 67m battle, in which nobody lost, but softball won.
Game time: 67m
Girlfriend of the game: Rozon
The team headed over to Cunningham’s Ste-Anne’s in acknowledging their sponsorship. 15 strong filled the pub with food, drink, and laughter. Jim Beauchamp, and I truly appreciate your gesture. It reinforces our commitment in supporting The Rockets, as they have become the model of sports teams, in large part to ladies and gentlemen, and fans of this season.
Besides! Pabst Blue Ribbon-“IT’S NOT THAT BAD”
Our Friday challenge against league leading Turner Heating had our offense meeting our defense.
Izzy Sylvain will make a fine coach should she choose to do so whenever she retires her cleats. Her two hit performance and run scored was a tonic to the team. The Fab five of Dumoulin, Purdon, Katie, Rozon, and Christiane, went a combined 15/27, 11 runs scored, eight singles, three doubles, two triples, and two homers while knocking in nine runs.
Izzy’s leadership shines on defense. Her play behind the plate has her recognizing the situation at hand. Clear, and concise, she understands where the play is going.
The defense is playing with passion. Their hitters 5-10 went a combined 5/14, all of them, singles. In fact, 13 hits were allowed with a 3rd inning homerun as the only blemish. Plays of significance was a heads-up play from Ines-Rozon out in the 1st; Katie to Rozon out in the 7th, and a Rozon-Purdon-Kerri double play to end the game.
Salut! Bonjour! Elvis has left the building!
Rockets win 16-5
Game time: 1h14m
Girlfriend of the game: Izzy
The road ahead has us with two late starts Wednesday and Friday. I believe we have our full team, but please advise if there are issues.
Coach’s corner
Rob, Marie, and I very much appreciate your thank-you card. The three of us look forward to entertaining the team, and it is one of our highlights during the year.
Rockets in the community
Being a Rocket doesn’t stop when the cleats come off. Your presence throughout the years has inspired many in community involvement.
Our next event with due consideration is derived from a member of my squash family.
Steve Arless is organizing a 35 km bike ride for the West Island Crusade against cancer on September 13 from his home in Baie d’Urfe.
What is intriguing is he is offering up a contest to raise funds.
There is a slider contest with $500.00 up for grabs with Steve putting up his personal money.
There will be judges, and the winner of the best slider will receive $250.00 and the other $250.00 will go to the charity.
Who’s with me in my attempt to finish the 35k? More details to follow.
Well, after two hours, and pushing 900 words, that is it for me!
Til we meet again,
Have fun, stay young, drink lots of beer, and speak highly of me!
Coach Jimmy
Proud Rocket

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