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Twins in the news - June 2010

Twins - a special and unique bond.
Twins - a special and unique bond.
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Apparently, it’s not just the Hollywood-types that are busy having twins (and more). Britain’s Richard Roden became the oldest father of twins last year at the age of 71 (fifty years after the birth of his first child). The twins, Ruby and Emily, were conceived without the help of any fertility drugs or treatments. Roden and his third wife Lisa, 26, are now expecting another baby. This will be the 13th child for Richard! Roden is also a grandfather of 36 and great-grandfather of nine. Mr. Roden doesn’t hold the record for the oldest father of twins though. That record belongs to Tom Lambert of Louisiana. He was 78 when his twins were born in 1948.

And it’s not just men who are having twins late in life either. According to one Chinese newspaper, a 60-year-old woman recently gave birth to twin girls after conceiving them through In Vitro Fertilization. The twin girls were born at 34-weeks gestation. The newspaper reports that the woman and her husband became pregnant to “ease the pain caused by the death of her 28-year-old daughter and her son-in-law, who died in a gas poisoning incident in 2009.”

In other international twin news, the German twins that were caught up in a surrogacy battle, are finally able to go home with their natural parents. Leonard and Nikolas Balaz, sons of Jan Balaz and Susan Anna Lohle, were granted an exit visa by the government. The twins were born in January 2008 to an Indian surrogate mother and have spent the past two years without a nationality.

In the United States, twin brothers, Joey and Jordan McIntire, recent graduates of Porterville High, CA, learned they are each the recipients of the California Preeminent Scholarship, a prestigious $100,000 award.

According to the Porterville Recorder, the California Preeminet Scholarship qualifications are stringent, and two students from the same school have never won the scholarship. Over 117,000 students applied for the Preeminent Scholarship but Joey and Jordan were the only two to completely qualify. According to the Recorder, the qualifications for the scholarship included: two years in a lead or First Chair position in performing arts, played a minimum of three sports all four years of high school, meet stringent academic requirements, including holding a minimum 3.75 grade point average and have excelled in all subjects and have excellent school attendance. Additionally, the student had to be active in community service and have received academic and non-academic recognition.

The McIntire twins plan to attend University of California, where they will undoubtedly excel at whatever the set out to achieve!

In other twin news...

Less than five percent of all Boy Scouts go on to earn their Eagle Scout award. Twin brothers Tom and Chris Griffith, recent graduates of Mallard Creek High School in Charlotte, NC, earned this prestigious top honor on Sunday, June 6th. The twins were members of Troop 148 in Charlotte. Tom plans to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Chris plans to attend Appalachian State.

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