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Twins separated at birth reunited: 30 years later, parted twins reunite

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Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier are back together. The identical twins separated at birth were reunited after 30 years of being apart, thanks to a social media (Facebook). And according a Feb. 11 Good Morning America news update, the adopted twins are close to their Kickstarter goal to develop their “Twinsters” documentary.

The separated twins' story of being reunited after three decades and living on two different continents, has many layers. So fasten your seat belt.

Last year in February, Samantha, a Los Angeles-based actress, told GMA that she awoke one morning and opened up a message on Facebook from someone who said they saw her on YouTube. The messenger said that after doing a bit of research online, she learned they both were born in the same city (Busan, South Korea) and on the same day.

After learning they were both adopted, the girls agreed to meet on Skype. And once they peered into each others' eyes, it was obvious: they were sisters, twins separated at birth and later adopted. DNA tests later confirmed their suspicions.

The feeling was overwhelming and the girls ended up chatting for three hours, but not before agreeing to meet.

Anais, a French fashion designer in the U.K., met her long-lost sister in London. The moment was magical. They did what girls who haven't seen each other for 30 years do: talk about life, the latest gossip, dreams, goals, and even boys.

They met again in Samantha's hometown of Los Angeles and then again in New York. Along the way, they took in beaches, baseball and burgers.

I did feel like I missed something. I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid. It happens to a lot of kids, but I had an imaginary friend and she was called Anne ... I needed that comfort, I guess," Samantha said.

The twins are working on a full-length documentary to share their touching story of being separated at birth, abandoned, adopted, and later reunited. As it reads on their Twinsters Movie page:

This full-length documentary follows Samantha and Anaïs as they meet in person for the very first time. Their unique experiences are documented through a series of video blogs, Skype conversations, and real-time footage. Every intimate moment is captured, from their first meeting, the DNA test results, home visits, to their first visit back to Seoul. The film explores the ideas of family, adoption, nature vs. nurture and the power of social media."

Twin sisters reunited at birth is touching, but 30 years after separation and later looking at everyday like it's Christmas is priceless.

This story is developing.

Check out their Kickstarter page.


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