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Twins reunited after 78 years: Elderly sisters meet for first time

A pair of twins have reunited after 78 years after some help from their families. The two sisters were separated at birth due to adoption. The one sister, who lives in Oregon, always knew she had a twin, but her twin sister, who lives in England, had no idea she had a twin until she went searching for details about her birth mother. It was then that she discovered that she had a twin sister. On May 4, ABC News reported on the reunion of the pair.

A pair of twin sisters meet for the first since being separated at birth.
Photo by Mesa Top News Examiner: Screen shot

Ann Hunt and Liz Hamel were both born in England 78 years ago. Their mother was a servant, and she decided to give up one of her daughters for adoption after their birth father abandoned her and the babies she was carrying. She might have given up both girls, but Hamel was born with a curviture of the spine. That would have made it difficult for her to be adopted.

These two women discovered each other over a year ago, and they have communicated via Skype during that time. Now, they managed to meet face and face. They wanted to look each other in the eye and hug. They have now had the chance to do that. The two sisters had their first meeting in Fullerton, CA. The two sisters both admitted learning they had a twin was a shock, but it was a good shock.

What do you think of this reunion? What would you do if you found out you had a twin that you never met?

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