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Twins found dead: Skeletal bodies seated in home 3 years unnoticed, no foul play

Twins found dead in their Chattanooga home an estimated 3 years following their death has stunned the local Tenn. community this week. The skeletal bodies of 63-year-old twins Andrew and Anthony Johnson — both found mummified, seated in their recliners — were discovered by police after being asked by a distant relative to check on them. The Epoch Times shares this Wednesday, April 9, 2014, that while it certainly comes as a shock to the neighbors, many have admitted that the brothers were a bit strange and reclusive to begin with.

Wikimedia Commons
A suburb home in Chattanooga

In an odd and mysterious find, two twins found dead sitting in their easy chairs — and little more than a few feet from one another — has left law enforcement officials scratching their heads. While no foul play is suspected in the case, police are wondering how a full 3 years might have gone by before the presence of Andrew and Anthony Johnson of Chattanooga, Tenn., was finally questioned.

Local neighbors report that even when the twins were alive and well and living together, the 63-year-old men remained quite a big mystery in the area. People who happened to see them out of the house — which was said to be a rarity — noticed that they rarely left home unless they were gardening in their front yard, and even then always wore surgical masks over their faces.

“I didn’t even know their names,” admitted retiree Linda Maffett, a woman who actually lived right across the street. After being questioned about the Johnsons and the 3-year disappearance of the twins found dead, she also said: “It’s a strange story, it’s a sad story. I think it’s sad that they were sitting there that long with nobody checking on them.”

According to the Huffington Post in a recent article, only the skeletal bodies remained of the two men after police visited the home at last on a March 29 afternoon. A distant relative allegedly alerted local law enforcement that the brothers had not been in contact in quite some time, and wanted to check on them. Officers soon discovered inside the home a pair of decomposing remains, both seated in old living room recliners.

An autopsy was later able to confirm the identities of the Johnson brothers, noting that they had likely died sometime in 2011. However, early results from the medical examination of the two twins found dead did not reveal any noticeable signs of foul play. Added the Chattanooga police spokesman on the details so far:

“There was some flesh on the brothers’ skeletal remains … Police are not speculating on a cause of death.”

The mystery behind the twins’ death remains, though if anything, this story reminds us all the value of checking in with our neighbors now and then. More details are likely forthcoming once further autopsy reports are completed by medical examiners.

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