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Twins found dead mystery: Hermit brothers dead 3 years, but who cut the grass?

Twin brothers found dead after decomposing in their home for three years. Both bodies were found sitting in the living room recliners.
Twin brothers found dead after decomposing in their home for three years. Both bodies were found sitting in the living room recliners.
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Twin brothers were found dead decomposing in their recliners at home, with authorities estimating the men dying about three years ago. This case is still baffling authorities today. It has been two weeks since police found the twins' bodies, who are described by family members as “hermits,” according to People Magazine on April 9.

The decomposing bodies of Andrew and Anthony Johnson, 63-year-old twins, sat dead in their recliners unnoticed in their Chattanooga, Tennessee home for about three years. They lived like hermits, having no communication with family or neighbors, so they weren't missed.

A relative, who had a key to the home, asked police to make a well-being check on the brothers and what they found was shocking. The decomposing bodies of these men had been in the same place since 2011, in their living room recliners.

Neighbors didn’t even know their names and although no one had seen them in years, they didn’t think that this was odd because they kept to themselves and were hardly ever seen outside the home.

Police report the two had driver’s licenses and quite possibly owned a business. A note inside the mailbox addressed to the occupants said that the mail delivery had stopped because the post office thought that the Johnson brothers had moved.

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Another bizarre mystery is the Johnson bothers’ lawn, which was kept mowed. Who was doing this? It was obvious that the Johnson brothers couldn’t be cutting the grass, so who kept it up?

If it was a landscaping company, they would have certainly stopped after three years of non-payment, because the brothers were dead, so who would have paid the bills? Neighbors have no idea who has been cutting the lawn.

Many in the neighborhood assumed the house was vacant. Before police entered the home on that now gruesome well-being check, a relative of the men told police that it wouldn’t surprise the family if the twin brothers had moved without telling anyone.

How did these brothers both die at the same time? It is hard to believe this could be a natural death because two brothers, event twins, usually don’t die of a heart attack or stroke at the exact same time.

Was it some type of gas leaking or CO2 in the home that caused the men to die together? Was it a double suicide? The autopsy did not reveal much, but the officials are waiting for toxicology tests to come back in hopes that these tests will offer some answers.

One of the brothers were deaf, according to a neighbor, Linda Maffett. She lived across the street from the brothers for years. She only had one encounter with the men when she saw one on the ground in their yard.

She went over to ask if he needed assistance and asked the brother if she should go and get the other brother. The brother on the ground said that his twin was deaf. She called 911, but never went inside the home.

The Johnson brothers live on Acorn Court for 18 years, buying their modest home back in 1984 for $43,000. Real Estate value of the home today is $116,000.

The mystery of the dead twin brothers is hardly over, there are still many unanswered questions in this case.

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