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Twins found dead: 63-year-old dead twin brothers found after 3 years (+Video)

Twins found dead in Chattanooga in Tennessee have been identified as 63-year-old identical twin brothers Andrew and Anthony Johnson. The twins were found dead seated in their recliners inside the modest home they had shared for decades, reports the Associated Press on April 8.

Twins found dead: 3-year decomposed bodies of twins found in recliners (+Video)

Authorities who confirmed the identity of the deceased twins are saying that there were no obvious signs of foul play and that the skeletons appeared to be resting in their easy chairs. According to Chattanooga police spokesman Tim McFarland, “there was some flesh on the brothers' skeletal remains.”

On March 29, police went on a well-being check on the two brothers after a relative had given them a key. When officers arrived at the home, they found the twins’ decomposed bodies “sitting in recliners in the living room.” The condition of the skeletons indicated that the brothers had died sometime early in 2011.

According to police, the twin brothers owned vehicles, had a valid driver's license, insurance and there existed records of them owning their own business. Documents showed that their property was bought by the brothers in 1984 for about $43,000 and that it was now worth about $116,000. “A note inside the mailbox indicated that mail delivery had stopped because the postal service thought the Johnson brothers had moved.”

The found twins apparently died the way they had lived – quietly. Neighbors report that the identical brothers kept to themselves and did not socialize with anyone in Chattanooga's Hixson community. They were sometimes seen going grocery shopping together or mowing their lawn. While neighbors are wondering whether the twins died because of a gas leak in their home, because someone poisoned them, or because they committed suicide, their main question is – who has been mowing their lawn for the three past three years since the grass was always cut?

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