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Twins Chattanooga: 63 y/o twins found dead in Chattanooga home after 3 years

Dead twins found in Chattanooga have been identified as Andrew and Anthony Johnson. On April 8, People Magazine reported that the bodies were found sitting in recliners -- it is believed that they both died in their chairs about three years ago. Police were asked to go to the home to check on the brothers at the end of March -- what they found was mysterious and creepy.

"I didn't even know their names. It's a strange story, it's a sad story. I think it's sad that they were sitting there that long with nobody checking on them," said neighbor Linda Maffett.

The dead twins found in Chattanooga died of unknown causes. Some speculate that a gas leaked caused both men to pass out and die. Others believe it was something more intense such as a double suicide. No matter how you slice it, Andrew and Anthony, 63, were a bit strange and the way that they died appears no different.

"Even while they were alive, though, the 63-year-old twins were something of a mystery to their neighbors, who occasionally saw them wearing surgical masks while gardening but never saw them with visitors," reports People Magazine. Interestingly enough, the Johnson's lawn continued getting mowed long after the two brothers had passed away -- and no one seems to know how or by whom.

More on the twins found dead in Chattanooga in the video above.

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