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Twinkies for sale on eBay due to hoarding and shortages (Video)

Twinkies will finally be put to the test. Just how long is the shelf life of a Hostess snack cake? Hostess has announced it is going out of business, and consumers are flocking to grocery and convenience stores to stock up on their favorite snack cake.

Hostess Brands Twinkies products
Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Panic buying is reported, and store shelves are quickly being emptied. Ads on eBay include offers for Twinkies at 10 boxes for $1,5000,000.00 with free shipping and no returns accepted. And yet more reasonable offers are still available to those still looking for a bargain.

As Hostess is simply waiting for approval from a bankruptcy judge to liquidate assets, it is likely these little treasures will be back on store shelves before too long.

If you have not stocked up, eBay pricing is too high, and you simply cannot wait for the corporate restructure, why not bake your own. The bestselling book "Top Secret Recipes" offers a homemade version on their website to help satisfy those sponge cake and cream cravings.

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