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Twin toilets photo goes viral: Sochi Olympic center offers men double thrones

The twin toilets photo at one of the Olympic stadiums in Sochi has gone viral today as folks in the U.S. are getting a kick out of the communal toilet idea. When a BBC reporter stopped to use the men’s bathroom in a building that will be used for cross-country skiing and biathlon events in next month’s Olympic games, he came across one stall. It was when he looked in the stall when he realized that it was adorned with two toilets, or twin toilets, according to ABC News On Jan. 22.

Twin toilets make a murky splash on social networks. This is what the men's room bathroom stalls hold at the Russian Olympics, double thrones.

Apparently the Russian’s don’t put too much emphasis on privacy or maybe they are promoting a buddy-buddy system when using the bathroom. Twitter users are having a field day picking this picture apart. One user wrote how there’s only one roll of toilet paper shared between the two toilets. Others suggested to grab a good hunk of toilet paper before you sit down to avoid having asking to pass the roll over!

Just what kind of interaction would one have when sharing a stall with another person? It is not a venue where chit-chat is usually considered apropos, but on the other hand you are sitting in an isolated cubical with the door shut and there’s just two of you. Would it be considered rude not to at least acknowledge one another?

What about all the side effects that are bound to bubble up when sitting so close in a small space while embark on a bodily function? You have to contend with the smells, but you don’t want to hurt your toilet partner’s feelings. What about any grunting noises that might come up? Do you ignore them or break the ice with humor? Do you say it sounds like you're having a rough day or you’re having quite the struggle? Maybe you would just wait until the double toilet stall is empty and then run in and lock the door. Then you'd have two toilets all to yourself!

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