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Twin pregnancy: New Year's resolutions; also, is it safe to have a glass of champagne?

Sparkling fruit juices are a safe alternative to toasting with champagne.
Sparkling fruit juices are a safe alternative to toasting with champagne.
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If you are currently expecting twins or multiples, now is not the time to start a new diet or exercise regiment.  However, that doesn't mean you can't focus on pursuing healthier habits to aid you during and after pregnancy. 

After all, your habits will greatly influence your children. Studies have even linked what we do and don't eat during pregnancy with the preferences and aversions of our children.

Consider the following suggestions:

  • If you drink a lot of soda, switch to juice.  Start out slowly to ease yourself into this healthier habit.  For example, if you drink three sodas a day, replace one soda with a glass of juice.  After a few weeks, move up to two glasses of juice. 
  • If you find yourself snacking on junk food in between meals, replace the chips with carrots or another healthy snack. 
  • Still hungry?  Consider eating several small meals a day instead of three large meals.  You may find yourself eating smaller portions as your belly gets more crowded, which means you will need to eat more meals a day anyway.
  • Unless your doctor has advised otherwise, walk for twenty to thirty minutes a night.  Not only is this an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy, but it will make it that much easier to get into a routine once you are ready to lose those extra pounds after pregnancy.
  • Get more rest.  Whether it's sneaking in an extra catnap or just curling up with your favorite book, this is an effortless resolution you're guaranteed to enjoy.

As for that new year's toast, only significant alcohol abuse has been proven to cause fetal alcohol syndrome.  However, there have not been conclusive studies indicating just how much alcohol is safe to consume during pregnancy.  While it is unlikely that one glass of champagne will cause any harm, your safest bet is to drink sparkling cider instead of champagne. 

Bubbly beverages such as those made by the R.W. Knudsen Family are now available in a variety of fun and festive fruit flavors like cherry, strawberry and even pomegranate. 

Have a safe and happy New Year's!