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Twin pregnancy: How can I prepare Thanksgiving dinner safely?

Food borne illnesses are always a concern around the holidays when handling poultry such as turkey.  If you are pregnant, especially with twins or multiples, it's an even greater concern.  Not only are you at an increased risk of food poisoning, but your unborn children can be harmed  even if you show no signs of food poisoning yourself. 

Here are some helpful tips and suggestions when preparing Thanksgiving dinner to help ease your concerns and reduce the risk of food poisoning:

  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Clean surfaces that come into contact with raw meat or eggs.
  • Use separate cutting boards for meat and produce.
  • Cook your turkey until it reaches an internal temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can check the temperature using a meat thermometer.
  • Cook stuffing in a separate dish because the inside of a stuffed turkey will not be hot enough to kill harmful bacteria.
  • Do not leave leftovers out for longer than two hours.

While food poisoning during pregnancy may be a scary prospect, you need not worry as long as you demonstrate common sense and take the necessary precautions. 

Happy Thanksgiving!