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Twin, place and show; Abby & Brittany on TLC!

Last night, "Abby and Brittany," premiered on TLC. The show is about conjoined twins, Abby and Brittany Hensel. These are two fascinating women just happen to share one body. They are now legally adults, twenty-two years old, finishing up their final year at a Minnesota college. They intend to teach elementary school when they graduate.

As this is allegedly the Celebrity Legal Issues column, there are all sorts of fascinating legal issues involving conjoined twins.

An article discusses how both women have distinct personalities. Author Annie Barrett states "I keep catching myself feeling guilty for focusing on their legs considering them to be one person, even that's logically what they look like: two legs, two arms, wider car...two heads. Two people not one."

Any legal analysis will focus on that fact, these are indeed two people and not one. If they teach school, they will get two paychecks. Can one commit a crime without the other one being responsible? Hopefully, that issue will never come up.

At, Willa Paskin traipses through another potential legal minefield. She states "When they were sixteen, they talked about how they wanted to be mothers one day. The doctor thought it would be possible as they have one reproductive tract between them. It might be invasive to ask, but it's also hard not to wonder. What are the romantic lives like now that they are 22 and college seniors."

Hopefully future episodes of the show will discuss the other potential legal issues. Marriage will certainly be interesting down the line.

I sense a future series a few years from now.

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