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Twin Peaks Mall history important lesson in re-development

This is what the Twin Peaks Mall was supposed to look like
This is what the Twin Peaks Mall was supposed to look like
Panattoni (former developer of the mall)

Yesterday, it was announced that the Twin Peaks Mall in Longmont is under contract with a new buyer. According to the immediate response to the news, residents are thrilled.

But, based on previous re-development attempts they are also cautiously optimistic. Back in 2008, Longmont City Council had entered into talks with the developer only to watch as what was perceived as deliberate attempts and micromanaging by a handful of city council members, stalled any development on the mall and re-development plans fell apart.

Longmont Mayor Bryan Baum in 2009 made the mall a top concern during his campaign and he has told the new buyer that he is going to continue to work to make sure it won't be micromanaged like it was then. (See the Times Call original story for his exact quotes).

For more on the history of the mall, read this article: ReWriting Mall History

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