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"Twin Peaks" makes it's way to Blu-ray

New Blu-ray cover

Good news to all fans of "Twin Peaks," the series has made it's way to Blu-ray. Fans of the show have begun pre-ordering for a week now making the new "Twin Peaks" box set the number one selling Blu-ray on Amazon. You can find more information on picking this set up for yourself at this link.

The new box-set is packed with hours of bonus features such as: deleted scenes, extended interviews, an outtake reel, alternative episodes, the "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" full length film, and a documentary over director David Lynch. This set could not have come at a better time as well considering David Lynch has considered doing a new season of Twin Peaks. Following the success of the new wave of television dramas, "Twin Peaks" would make a fine addition to the shows that dominate the prime time networks. Fans of the show would love to see it's return after so many years and are really hoping the rumors are true. Although David Lynch has recently denied these rumors, Ray Wise claims footage has been shot. Perhaps fans won't know the truth until after the release of the entire show on Blu-ray and it's success.

Fans everywhere are elated by the release of one of the greatest television shows of all time on Blu-ray. The box-set is still available for pre-order by following this link.

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