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Twin Cities stores provide last-minute Easter basket ideas


How much will you spend on Easter goodies this year? According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average American will purchase $118 worth of gifts, food, candy, clothing, decorations and greeting cards. That adds up quickly - to $13 billion spent nationwide on Easter treats.

If the holiday has snuck up on you, don't panic. Local stores are striving to help parents - and the Easter Bunny - find affordable, last-minute gifts. Creative Kidstuff is selling already-filled Easter pails for $40, stuffed with age-appropriate toys and trinkets. For instance, the reusable canvas pail made for girls ages four to eight includes a Party Central Diary, Heart Mirror and Comb; a jump rope; colorful Twinkle Pops; an Adralina Beneath the Leaf doll and a Mini Stickies Bunny. There are also gender-specific pails for toddlers. For those who don't want a fully-prepared basket, check out Creative Kidstuff's home page for individual Easter-themed items.

South Minneapolis retailer Pacifier also has a last-minute list of great Easter ideas, including Mini BlaBla dolls, handmade bonnets, and the board book Hop!

Target is also set up for spring, with $1 bins full of Easter eggs, grass and goodies at the front of the store. Look for an end-aisle display in the toy section Plus, the candy aisles are stocked with pastel-colored treats and partyware just in time for Easter.


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