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Twin Cities' Goondas bring the noise to SXSW

Perfectly Normal
Perfectly Normal
Justin Baker

Minneapolis’ Goondas have spent the last year damaging stages, eardrums, and themselves on their way to being one of the most talked-about new acts in the Twin Cities. And they would be just that—an act—if they didn't have the rock chops to back it up.

The 25 balls-to-the-wall minutes on their self-titled debut come closer to doing the live show justice than one would expect, and have just as much to do with the accolades, even if wider audiences are just beginning to pick up on it.

That may change over the next week, though, as the Goondas make their maiden voyage to the South-by-Southwest Festival, playing the Gimme Noise First Avenue Day Party. Tomorrow (March 18th) they'll be sharing the stage with the likes of Tapes n' Tapes, Solid Gold, Jeremy Messersmith, and others at Skinny's Ballroom in Austin.

Other than playing some of their new material, the band claims to have nothing special planned for the fest. But if you've been lucky enough to catch their idea of "normal," you know that Texas had still better prepare itself to be messed with.