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Twins found dead after 3 years: 67-year-old twins died in chairs at home in 2011

Twin brothers were discovered dead in their home and they had been there for three years without a soul reporting that they were missing. The twin brothers were not known by their neighbors. A woman across the street said she didn’t even know their names, according to MSN News on April 7. This is the second case reported this year where a home owner was dead in their house for years before being discovered.

Twin brothers discovered dead in their home after three years.
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Andrew and Anthony Johnson, 67, were a bit odd, as their Chattanooga, Tennessee neighbors explained. They said that the brothers kept to themselves and acted somewhat strange when out in the yard. They would wear surgical masks when working on the garden.

Neighbors said they never saw interior lights on, even after dark. The home never had any yard lights on either, report the neighbors. They were seldom seen, but once in a while someone would get a glimpse at them coming home with groceries or working in the yard.

Another mystery was the yard. It is apparent that the grass was getting cut, but no one knows who was doing this. They aren’t sure if it was a neighbor doing a good deed or a relative or a friend that kept the lawn trimmed.

The mailbox contained a note saying the mail was stopped because the post office was under the impression that the brothers had moved. There is no indication that the twin brothers suffered from mental illness. There are records indicating they did own a business.

The brothers were found when a relative asked the police to do a well-being check on them. The authorities estimate the men were in the home dead since 2011. The conditions of the bodies and the surroundings suggested this timeline would be about right.

The preliminary results of the autopsy confirmed the identities of the men, but the autopsy did not reveal a cause of death. The twin brothers who were found decaying in recliners, looked as if they just sat down and died. The police said that the brothers did not look as though they were victims of foul play.

Toxicology tests were done and authorities are waiting for the results to see if they give a clue as to how the twin brothers died. Some flesh was left on the skeletal remains, reports the coroner. All the neighbors report not seeing the men in years and while the police have no idea what happened, folks that live nearby have some of their own theories. Those theories range from gas leak to double suicide.

Mummified woman dead six years and was missing never noticed missing, family devastated.

Last month a woman’s skeletal remains were found in her home and they had been there for six years. Her automatic bill paying through the bank paid all the bills, so nothing seemed strange. A neighbor cut her lawn every week, so the house looked maintained, just like the Johnson twin's home.

It wasn't until the woman's bank account was depleted and the bank foreclosed on her home that her body was found. The bank sent over a contractor to fix a hole in the roof and he found her mummified body in her car in the garage. She had been there dead for six years.

These two incidents have sparked the discussion of just how well American’s keep an eye out for their neighbors. These two stories are really sad. These folks died inside their homes and weren't discovered for years. Hopefully these incidents prompt neighbors to keep a lookout for one another. This is especially needed in today's world, which is riddled with crimes of home invasions, stalkers and just every day run-of-the-mill crimes.

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